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pooh piglet burn patriarchy to the ground

Election Day 2016, summed up before lunch

6:17 am, pre dawn chat with my 10-year-old

Psst. Good morning. I’m going to go vote. Do you want to come with me?


Ok. Let me rephrase, it would mean a lot if you came with me to vote today. And someday, I think it will mean a lot to you too.

(mmmpht) ok.

Honey, I’m already feeling a little weepy. This is a big deal and I want to share it with you. I’m probably going to be sobbing tonight when she wins, too.

What if she doesn’t win?

“…. I’m probably going to be sobbing then, too. That’s why we vote.” More

the net cropped

Missing mania: from caped to capped

A podcast stunned me stupid today. I wasn’t expecting to relate instinctively to a heroin addict describing the high. “Oh my gosh, it was the best feeling. I hated my life so much but that made me feel so good and so confident. It kinda made it feel like I was invincible but nothing really mattered, if that makes any sense.” I’ve never done heroin, but it’s a feeling I know intimately, and I found myself feeling homesick.


tom gauld memoir pie chart
people of color are a global majority, not a minority

Minority = global majority

If you ever get a chance to blow an 8th grader’s mind, seize it.


introvert phone
Gordie is wondering why The Huffington Post doesn't pay bloggers

Writers die of “exposure”

The Huffington Post, combing the web for trending pieces, curates a lot of solid content. Good stuff. Stuff I am willing to miss.


Easy A hug MaryAnn

Give rejection the awkward hug it deserves

Think about the time we spend engaged in debate: pleading, proving or otherwise bargaining for ourselves and our perspectives. At work. At home. In the classroom. In our own minds. On social media, especially. Sometimes we offer a point of view rooted in our most cherished beliefs, our deepest convictions. More often, though, we might find ourselves frothily insisting that, yes, we are sure we refilled the goddamn printer paper.


Evelyn from the internets calls in black

“Oh, no no. It’s not contagious. I just need a solid day to reaffirm my humanity to myself.”

This is what Tracy from Another Round might call hilarisad…you start laughing, then devolve quickly into tears.

The only 3-minute mediation you need: f*ck that

Namasté, bitches.

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