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Pondering the Happiness U Curve

Does anyone else find it appropriate that the Happiness U Curve looks like a wry smile? Somewhat like the Amazon logo, too. But mostly all, ha ha fuckers! You thought all you had to do was get through adolescence? Pffft.

Then you dust off your graph reading skills and realize the direction you are heading in. I’ll be over here in my blanket fort. There’s room for you, too…the fetal position is wonderfully compact.

Writer Jonathan Rauch in the December Atlantic article, The Real Roots of Midlife Crisis, insists that just *knowing* the Happiness U Curve exists can be soothing to those experiencing the downward trajectory. It is. Feeling ‘normal’ often feels better than feeling broken and alone. But realizing you still have a while before bottom out is more than deflating. Often called ‘mature for my age’, I’ve never been more eager to cash in on that label. Apparently, bottom is around 46 on average. Early bloomer, here? Fingers crossed.

Who’s with me? 2014 cannot end quick enough.

But first. I turn my attention to the emotional water-treading of tomorrow’s holiday extroversion extravaganza of the large family I am indeed blessed with. For now, though, consider me a hopeful but harried humbug, and check back with me next year. Or, shit, 10 maybe.

Meanwhile, maybe just this.



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