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people of color are a global majority, not a minority

Minority = global majority

If you ever get a chance to blow an 8th grader’s mind, seize it.


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Must read: Reign of Error…or at least this review

Connection is the antidote to violence

Pedro Noguera on Education, City Club of Cleveland

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A half century after desegregation, privatization means resegregation

All things public education seem to converge in an overwhelming, frustrating mess, but this musing on the chaos is dedicated to just one of the beast’s many heads: privatization. And with the collection of –tion words in play, I would add one more equation: education + privatization = taxation without representation.


overparenting is bad parenting

Best parenting mantra ever

In this fantastic NYT piece on raising successful children, Madeline Levine takes American parenting culture to task on some of our common ‘helpful’ behaviors. Her most prescient advice is that we first worry about ourselves.