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people of color are a global majority, not a minority

Minority = global majority

If you ever get a chance to blow an 8th grader’s mind, seize it.


Facebook is the id of our culture...nothing but fear and impulse and immediate gratification. The id is unresponsive to the demands of reality. Just like Facebook.

pondering Freud on social media

women and virginity quote

Woman, Herself, reclaiming sexual agency

This meme popped up on social media yesterday, in a comment thread on a post about the ‘controversial’ virginity of one of the women on the new Bachelor. Two things. Yes, this show is still on the air. And yes, the women are called ‘contestants’, though I refuse to name them as such. Because apparently, the dude is actually the winner…especially if he picks the virgin. Right? *shudder* So much wrong here. A woman’s sexuality has *never* belonged to the woman. Does this bother anyone else as much as it bothers me?

Yes. It bothers Caitlin Stasey. A lot.


John Oliver’s Sugar rant

This originally aired on October 27, 2014, but I happened upon it the day after Halloween. “Sugar activates the brain in a very special way, reminiscent of cocaine.” Yup. I know that feeling. This kind of data is what keeps me on the wagon.



redhead Lego girl grown up

Everything is awesome…?

The new Lego movie, while featuring a compelling female charter, Lucy/Wyldstyle, doesn’t pass the Bechdel Test.

What is this, you ask? A simple 3 point criteria 1) Are there at least two female characters? 2) Do they speak to each other… 3) about something other than a man?