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please dont make me adult
hyperbole depression 2

Cartoons! Making hard shit bearable since cave times.

This one hits wincingly, uncomfortably close. Allie Brosh at Hyperbole and a Half has some truth telling about depression. As a writer, I can appreciate the honesty and bravery in her narrative alone.

But the drawings add a gentle, palatable angle that my raw wordie shit usually lacks. Lest I bore you with another text-heavy take on depression, check out this perfect illustration.

Expect to squirm. But you’ll laugh, too.

train cliff


It was the serotonin boosters that got me, I think.


sunset over river archbob

Thanks, Judy

This past summer, I had a revelation. It came on the heels of a ridiculously protracted down spell. Imbalance? Maybe. Depression? Probably. Shitstorm? Absolutely. In the apex of said storm, the revelation came.

Oh. So this would be why mom had no ‘normal’ lady friends.