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allie brosh god of cake

I, too, was once a God of Cake

Allie Brosh is one of my favorite ambassadors of humanity. She draws and writes about her inner world in a way that is weirdly captivating and get-out-my-head spot on. But I am new to her work, and only after picking up her book did I discover her wildly popular post from 2010, The God of Cake.

If you, too, are a sugar addict…you’re welcome. And I’m sorry. It hits a tender nerve, but I dare you not to pee yourself laughing.

hyperbole depression 2

Cartoons! Making hard shit bearable since cave times.

This one hits wincingly, uncomfortably close. Allie Brosh at Hyperbole and a Half has some truth telling about depression. As a writer, I can appreciate the honesty and bravery in her narrative alone.

But the drawings add a gentle, palatable angle that my raw wordie shit usually lacks. Lest I bore you with another text-heavy take on depression, check out this perfect illustration.

Expect to squirm. But you’ll laugh, too.